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I design and direct animation. I animate. I shoot live action and I do a fair bit of illustrating. I've been doing these things for over twenty-five years.
I guess I create unique viewer experiences blending old school techniques with contemporary visions. I like working on all sorts of projects from big  to small budgets. 
I've had the pleasure of working with Passion Pictures, Th1ng, Picasso Pictures, Hibbert Ralph and Red Rover over the years. I've worked with dozens of brilliant agencies and I've even won a few awards. 
I live with my two boys, a moody cat, a sullen turtle named Cliff and an enormous upright piano on a quiet street in Toronto, Canada.
Selected Work

'Tomorrow Thinking'

Myself and the Zig agency were awarded a Bronze at the 2009 Marketing Awards for an illustration campaign I worked on for Upper Canada College. 

In 2008 the 'Impossible is Nothing' Adidas campaign I worked on at Passion Pictures won a Clio. 
'Musical Machines' made to promote the Colorado Lottery was the official selection of Annecy 2003.
BBC 'Stretch Necks' :Gold Award at Promax in 2003.
NatWest 'Cash Machines' nominated for Best Commercial at the British Animation Awards in 2000.
'Sticky End' winner Best Commercial at the Scottish Advertising Awards in 1999.
Clients include
Island Records, BBC Television, McDonald's, NatWest Bank, Doritos, Acronym Records, CBC Television, Richard Branson and Adidas.
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